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DGK/IKW-Seminar für Sicherheitsbewerter zu NGRA

>>> – WEB-SEMINAR – <<<

Diese ursprünglich am 10.03.2020 in Frankfurt vorgesehene Veranstaltung wird ersatzweise als Web-Seminar angeboten.

Thema: Next Generation Risk Assessment

In Zusammenarbeit mit Cosmetics Europe

Seminargebühr: EUR 250,00 + MwSt.

Seminarsprache: Englisch

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Weitere Informationen:

Safety assessors evaluate safety of finished cosmetic products taking into account safety information on raw materials. Exhaustive testing of ingredients included in cosmetics as well as continuous improvement of testing and assessment capabilities are therefore key for comprehensive and reliable safety assessment.

The Next Generation Risk Assessment (NGRA) Seminar provides an introduction into a new way of thinking about safety, novel approaches and methodologies that do not use animal data. It offers a true sneak peek into the future of safety evaluations. 

The Next Generation Risk Assessment (NGRA) Seminar is a collaboration between IKW/DGK and Cosmetics Europe to help safety assessors better understand the basis of safety evaluation.

Cosmetics Europe has as long-standing experience in the development and evaluation of alternatives to animal testing, among others within such projects as SEURAT-1 and LRSS. IKW/DGK for over 20 years have been conducting reputable trainings for safety assessors well-acknowledged in many countries all over the world.

The Next Generation Risk Assessment (NGRA) Seminar is a unique effort of these organisations to team up and share their knowledge and experience with those who would like to take their safety assessor skills a step further.